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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  August 23, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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the police say they are looking at cameras in the area to see if they caught any sort of similar vehicle on surveillance but rubbing are's family hopes the driver -- rucker's family hopes the driver's conscious kicks in. >> i hope they get caught or come forward and have a guiltyconscious to come forward you know. >> your grandson. >> my grandson. >> 8-year-old hit-and-run. >> yes. >> his family says he he suffered a broken ankle and may need surgery. annapolis high school is mourning the death of an assistant coach. 50-year-old patricia cunningham was riding her bike on -- cunningham was riding her bikewhen a vehicle clipped her bike. >> it's huge loss and tragic day and tough day at school. very well liked and well-known assistant track coach and assistant cross country coach. hit students and staff hard. >> the driver remained on the scene and police say the cause of the crash appears to be
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driver error but it's not determined if charges will be filed in the case. today rivalerstown -- reisterstown volunteered fire company and orioles are honoring a hoareo that died battling a fire in may. now they are doing what they can to keep his millionry alive. starting at 3, firefighters will hold a silent auction at the city firefighters union hall before heading over to camden yards. proceeds from the auction and the o's ticket sales will go towards the gene kirchner memorial fund. the western u.s. continues to burn as more than 50 wild fires are burning out of control at a dozen western states. one fire is a problem outside yosemite national park. it quadrupled in size triggering a state of emergency and massive evacuations. in the air and on the ground more than 19,000 firefighters are attacking all the fires and many times they are forced to fight the waw -- through walls of smoke. >> fire is over there and
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there's fire here. you are in the middle of the two coming together, okay. >> california's governor declared a state of emergcy and one of the problems they face now is the peak season for tourists. so there are people there who frankly don't need to be. they want to see the beauty but they are seeing the flames. and for that reason, they are asked to leave but some are choosing to stay. a lot of times you see scenes like this and we show you the video of the flyovers like what you are seeing. let's look at when's on the ground on the scene. kbu. , abc affiliate out of aust austin texas posted this photo gallery and you see how close the firefighters are to the blazeings. the trucks are parked beside the fire and you see that there. and the haze and the smoke and another of those fire scenes. this is giving you an idea of what it look like there engulfed in flames and another photo gallery is courtesy of the sacramento bee. see the firefighters getting up close and personal with the fire. another one right there at the
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camp entrance. and quadrupled in size. originally it was breezeed that the fire was -- believed the fire was 5 3erz contained -- 5% contained but it quadrupled in size and is 1% contained. -- 5% contained but it quadrupled in size and is 1% contained. the state fair is kicking off today. it's the celebration of maryland and the end of summer. roosevelt leftwich is live there. rosy around a bunch of pregnant animals. dang rouse. >> reporter: we moved to -- dangerous. >> reporter: we moved to what happened after they have gotten older. this is the 4h farm world where you can bring your kids out and get up close and personal and find out where your food comes from and your milk comes from and all the good things come from. you get to meet well the cavs and being meet the cavs and let's go over here and -- calves and let's go over here and say hello, to the ladies.
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they are turkeys and that's thanksgiving different and a chicken dinner. but there's lot of things to get up and close and personal with at the fair. people may not get to see what animals look like in the natural state or somewhat natural state or get a chance to go to one of the many, many wonderful family farms here in the state of maryland. get a chance to come out and hang out. look at that. you know, how close can you get to tt. that's one of the things you have to get out and see for yourself here. hello, how are you folks doing? good morning ladies. just fantastic. this is going to be the kick off day for the 10 best days of summer out here. you've got a lot going on at state fair as always. bus budweiser has big two-story bar set up and they will have bands and dancing and all the good stuff and double the horse racing and you can't-- you can never get enough of horse racing but they will double it up because a lot of folks like to see that. also there's going to be
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bullriding on august 27th. that's something that's new for the fair. also, there's going to be a mountain goat exhibit a diving extravaganza and plenty of good things going on at the fair and as charley mentioned there's nothing like the fried food. i've got fried pop tarts and fried or oreos and twinkies. a lot of good things going on. and once again you can get up close and personal with your friends here and find out where your food comes from and get a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes where your food comes from and support all the maryland farms out here. coming up a little later, we will talk to 4hers. children from around the state bring in their prized animals and produce and show it off a bit. we will have more on that coming up later. >> rosy live at the state fair. the ravens have one more dress rehearsal before the games count for real. they fell to carolina panthers. final score was 34-27. the ravens looked great in the
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beginning. the first drive ended in one yard touchdown run by ray rice and we will see a lot of that. flacco threw a td pass but also had 2 interceptions. ravens wrap up the preseason schedule next thursday on road in st. louis and they kick off the regular season coming up september 5th with a return to denver. just in time for the start of the season look at. this mccormick a relead a new old bay commemorative can featuring the ravens. the 16 ounce cans are available at mccormick world of flavor store and the inner harbor and other retail stores. this afternoon you can meetdavis will meet fans seaning autographs and posing for-- signing autographs and posing for pictures. first could have first serve only one autograph per person
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as they choose to show up. it's diet right now but we have plent -- it's diet -- dry right now but we have plenty of showers coming up. i will tell you when it arrives here coming up. >> reporter: well, nothing to get gnar way on 97 at 695. we are dealing-- get in your way on 95 at 695. but we are dealing with a delay in rail service. i will have all the details coming up after the break. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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authorities in las vegas say they stopped the plot to kidnap, torture and kill police officers. investigators say david bruch and devon newman were awrested -- arrested they wanted to smash officers and put them on trial and execute them in a vacant house them the wanted to bring ateng to the antisovereign citizen movement. you are seeing what customers-- let's roll the video. high winds rolling through. the toy-- three were scary -- there were scary moments. wind through the county in florida. in all 7 cars were damaged on the automobile lot. one of them had to be totaled and when you think about that, 60-mile-an-hour wind gusts tornadoes get up to 100 miles
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per hour. >> you are right. and for us, we could see an isolated thunderstorm as well. some isolated showers in the forecast as we look at the satellite and radar. we see the cluster of showers and some thunderstorms embedded in this. diving down into west virginia right now, this is a disturbance that is coming through the areahead -- ahead of the cold front and some of the energy could move towards us going through the morning and hang up through the afternoon. but what we are going to be waiting for is the cold front to move through and here it is right here. here's disturbance i am talking about. ahead of it we are dealing with the humid weathered and behind it drier and much more mild and high pressure will build in going through the overnight hours. when you wake up tomorrow, it's going to feel good outside. get out and enjoy. let's slide into the gulf of mexico where we are looking at this disturbance here. so the national hurricane center is monitoring this. this one has about a 10% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours. now, back to our weather. with temperatures this morning on the warm side. yes, we are coming in at 71
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degrees in catonsville and say warm because we should be at 65, 64 for this time of year. upper 60s in churchville and shadyside. easton is at 73 degrees right now. and as we go into the afternoon, temperatures will be more seasonable. abc's most accurate future trend goes into motion but we don't need the rain so that's why i say fortunately. we are not seeing a whole lot especially as we go through tomorrow and the day after that. high pressure is bringing clear skies lots of sunshine and so today, that boot camp. yeah you can squeak it in because we have a chance for an eye laced shower or -- isolated shower or storm. 86 through the 3:00 or 4:00 time frame and we want you to send in a great photo. we would love to see it. let's check the traffic with lauren. >> reporter: well, we have a major discorruption to light rail in baltimore county. a bus bridge in place for those of you traveling between timonium and hunt valley. this affects northbound and
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southbound travel. and there is construction in the area around west warren road at beaver dam roadblocking turn lanes in both directions. something else to keep in mind. if you are heading out to 83, nothing to get gnar way at at this mown -- get in your way at timonium road. and use if you are using 95, here's the south side at route 100. no problems down to dc and northbound travel into baltimore will be nice and clear. from route 100 up to the beltway you are looking at a typical drive time of 6 minutes. the beltway is free of delays. the west side is clocking in at 11 minutes on outer loop from 795 down to 95. and we are looking at a typical community right now on the east side of the beltway with 11 minutes from the 95 up to 83. being be the first to know about the drive times. follow me on twitter at maryland traffic. an update on a story we have been following for a few weeks now. a 12-year-old girl infected with a rare brain eating amoeba
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is walking and talking. doctors say she is is now able to say a few-- she is now able to say a few words and walk with assistance. this is significant because few survive the infection. she fell ill after swimming in a water park. arkansas. -- park in arkansas. we will tell you which one tops the list and why many people will not leave home without itand you can start dealing the cards at the maryland live casino. it's all dark now. that will be changing though in the days to come. we will get out there and shuffle up and deal. a live picture from washington, d.c. yesterday, the u.s. department of justice said its- - said it'sgoing to sue the state of texas over the voter id law. details on what's to coming.
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isatisfaction among customers they evaluate billing and payment option and second place is discover followed by chase. thinking about selling your iphone? now may be a good time. apple is expected to debut a new iphone called the iphone c next month. and before any rollout iphone resale values drop. online trade in sites are offering upwartsdz of 300 dollars of a iphone 5 in good -- upwards of 300 dollars for a iphone 5 in good condition. now abc2's most accurate forecast. >> let's look at the big picture because as we start out west, they are dealing with showers and thunderstorms across the area. that's going to fuel more wild fires. and as we head across the middle of the nation it's quieter but then around the ohio valley, we have some thunderstorms and showers popping up across that area. right now we are pretty much dry as of now in maryland. but we will have the potential
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for isolated to scattered showers to work their way into the picture this morning and possibly this afternoon. the dew points are not too bad especially when you compare them to the 70s that we had yesterday. we will start to continue the drier air trickling in going towards the weekend and that's turning out to be a nice one in store for us. but this morning, temperatures are at 77 degrees in the city. 69 in glen burnie and 66 in ellicott city. and as we hd across the eastern shore we are at-- head across the eastern shore we are at 73 degrees. as you step out door and thinking about playing golf you can do it today keep your eye to the sky and that's the name of the game for the past several days and this is the last teem i say that because for the end you can play -- weekend you can play any time you wan. today 83 degrees. let's check the traffic with lauren -- you-- any time you want. today, it's going to be will-- will 3 he-- 38 degrees. let's check in with traffic with lauren. >> reporter: there's a bus bridge in place for those
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making the trip from timonium to hunt valley north and southbound directions. it's because because of utility -- because of ute tility work. the turn lanes will be blocked in both directions. checking in and taking a look at the jfx no problems on 83. 55 miles per hour southbound to the beltway from here typical ride of 11 minutes to get to fayette street. the tunnels are in great shape and here's what 695 looks like. no problems getting across the key bridge and the outer loop will remain clear as you make the stretch from 95 up to 83. you're look at an 11-minute ride. using 95 this morning to get downtown, no problems in white marsh and you are looking at white marsh boulevard and 6 minutes southbound from the harbor tunnel throughway down to the fort mchenry toll plaza. that's your timesaver traffic. >> reporter: topping america's money, the nfl season has not started and super bowl ads are 85% sold out. price tag is $4 million for a
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30 second ad they were 3.8 million last super bowl. man dora says -- and donna says users will have -- pandora says users will have unlimited listening. pandora didn't say the reversal is being made or why anyway. windows phones are boarding the next delta flight. attendand will use the -- attendants will use the lumia820. and the whiskey market is doing well. jack dal yens is adding jobs and 100 million dollars expansion. they say it's necessary to keep up with global demand and to make sure every drop is made at the original tennessee distilleries. that's america's money. make it a great day. i am john muller -- muler. food delivered tower hotel room could be a thing of the pa. researchers say hotels have not been getting enough bang for the buck. the survey says the hotels have been making less and less off the service. now while some upscale properties will always have room service, others are
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ditching it for more of a do it yourself option for less money. is it just me or is room serviceexpensive. >> you pay 30 dollars for a bagel. >> come on. >> no wonder.
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the blisters were oozing, and painful to touch. i woke up to a blistering on my shoulder. i spent 23 years as a deputy united states marshal and i've been pretty well banged up but the worst pain i've experienced was when i had shingles. when i went to the clinic, the nurse told me that it was a result of having had chickenpox. i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland.
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>> a local man has two major battles his cancer die knows -- diagnosis and how he will pay for it. >> bradley manning wants to become a woman ants military says the wish may not be granted. it's friday ants weekend is upon-- and the weekend is upon us. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. we will get to the weather because it's friday and you want to make plans here's meteor will gist lynette charles. >> this friday making the plans. we are deeing with moderate -- dealing with moderate to light rain coming down in frederick. so we have around thurmont and hunt club acres you can see what's going on. this will pass off but we could see more filtering in as we go through the rest of the morning. and we are waiting for the cold front to come but we had this little disturbance riding along the cold front and ahead of the cold front. and that's why we are seeing showers popping into the area. temperatures, though, we arthe coming in at 71 right now in glen burnie. jessup is at 69 and 66 in frederick and we have patchy fog in some spots this morning
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as well. mainly frederick and also off to the north so if you are traveling along i-83 you will encounter that and give yourselfenough tile on the roadways and that will burn off nice and slowly as we go towards about 9 this morning. as we look at your planner, well waking up around 6:00, 73, keeping the chance of a shower in the forecast for today. but mainly we will stay dry for the most part. going into about 10 the temperature is at 79 and lunchtime today coming in at 83 degrees. and again i am going to call it pardonly cloudy with a chance for -- partly cloudy with a chance for a shower or storm in the forecast. now let's check the traffic with lauren. >> reporter: if you are using the light rail we have a major disruption to service in baltimore county. right now there is a bus bridge in place for those of you making the stretch from timonium and hunt valley. it affects both directions and due to utility work underway on west warren road at beaver dam road be block turn lanes in both directions. if you are traveling on 83, there's absolutely nothing to worry about. it's going to be a nice easy
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ride at timonium and things will remain clear getting on jfx and heading downtown. as far as the beltway is concerned, here's parkville at harford road. the inner loop is nice and clear down to 95. and take a look at the latest drive times. looking at a normal 11 minutes from 95 up to 83. and that outer loop will remain nice and calm on the west side with an 11 minute ride from 795 down to 95. and if you are using 95, it's going to be clear from white marsh and traveling on the south side even headed down to dc and northbound lanes will be clear from route 100 up to the beltway with a regular 6 minute ride. that's your timesaver traffic. you probably know someone without health insure and official estimate there -- insurance and officials estimate there are 800,000 people in our state like charles pops wilks. for the past 8 years he's been a fixture at the jiffy lube and made enough money to bet by but not enough to purchase health insurance by the franchise. earlier this year he was
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diagnosed with prostate cancer that spread to his spine and kidney failure. it's terl nall. doctors began treating pops for free but he can't work and he is still -- and he still has rent power bill and prescriptions with no insurance to defer the cost. coworkers helped him apply for medical assistance and social security disability benefits. that's when he learned there is a 5 month waiting period for the benefits to kick in. >> [audio not understandable] >> the waiting period is designed to ensure benefits are not paid to the people who don't have long-term disabilities and in pop's case the delay could lead to the loss of his home. that's why they have been collecting donation online and at the jiffy lube along with other businesses they are hoping in the future some exceptions can be made


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